Freezing and Closing Time Sheets

This section includes the following topics:

Overview of Freezing and Closing Time Sheets

After a time sheet is approved, the associated labor cost is typically scrutinized and then billed to the customer for whom the work was done. Time Management does not explicitly perform this billing function, but it does keep track of charge codes associated with work items on time sheets.

A charge code represents an internal or external customer who is billed for the cost of a work item. In some organizations, actual time is used as information for charge-backs or billings. After a work item is entered, actual time is logged against the work item. This generates a cost that is billed to the internal or external customer.

In some cases, override rules are used to set charge codes. For example, all time work on a specific project or task can be assigned to a particular charge code.

For more information about charge codes and override rules, see the Time Management Configuration Guide.

To facilitate the billing process, Time Management supports the configuration of "billing approvers." The billing approver's role is to scrutinize the costs associated with the time that was approved by the time approvers, and then optionally "freeze" time sheets whose costs have been accounted for. When a billing approver freezes a time sheet, its status becomes Frozen and no subsequent changes can be made to the time sheet.

After a time sheet has been frozen and data extraction or other external interaction has been performed (or if the option to freeze the time sheet is not used), the final step in the Time Management process is for the billing approver to close the time sheet. The time sheet status is updated to Closed, and final reports can be generated. Only approved or frozen time sheets can be closed.

Analogous to time approvers, if multiple billing approvers (such as a resource group) are specified for a resource, only one of the billing approvers needs to freeze or close the resource's time sheets.

This section details the procedures associated with the freezing and closing of time sheets by their designated billing approvers.

Freezing and Closing Time Sheets

To freeze or close a time sheet:

  1. Log on to PPM.

  2. Select the check boxes for the time sheets of interest. (Select Check all to select all the time sheets.)