Assign a team to staffing profile position

You can assign teams in the staffing profile page only; it is not supported in the Resource Allocation Management page.


  • The feature toggle Team Assignment in Staffing Profile is turned on.

  • You are team manager, a position specifies your team in the Resource Pool column, and you can edit the staffing profile.

  1. Open the staffing profile whose positions require assignment from your team.
  2. Click the Assign icon next to the position, and select Assign Team.

    Your team and its subteams in all the hierarchy levels are listed.

  3. Select a team from the team list. The team is assigned to the position. And then allocate effort to the team.

  4. If you want to assign the work to a specific resource in your team, click Assign Resource. Only the resources directly belong to the position's resource pool are listed for selection. Resources that belong to its subteams are not included.