Manage Consolidated Demand Page

The Manage Consolidated Demand page provides a graphical view of your IT demand by effort (see Figure 2-1 below, where demand is grouped by its disposition). You can click a segment of a bar on the bar chart to schedule that IT demand. You can also use this page to graphically analyze your IT demand by selecting the demand set, desired filters, and a time frame, and then specifying a grouping.

To open this page from the menu bar, select Open > Demand Management > Manage Consolidated Demand.

You can configure the Manage Consolidated Demand page to display a range of data related to IT demand. You can use the Filter By parameters to display a smaller, more focused set of items. You can specify the Group By Demand Category field to organize the display of IT demand, for example by assigned user or by department. 

Note: Changes to the Manage Consolidate Demand page are not exported to the Consolidated Demand portlet.

Figure 2-1. Example Manage Consolidated Demand page