What's New in PPM 23.4

The following new features and enhancements are introduced in PPM 23.4.

Note: The Help Centers for PPM versions 2023 to 23.4 are streamlined into a single Help Center. Any version-specific changes are indicated where relevant.

This topic describes the new features and enhancements available in PPM 23.4. To view enhancements for versions 2023-23.3, see What's New in PPM - Earlier Versions.

What-if Analysis enhancements

The following enhancements are added to What-if Analysis:

Include entities without start or end dates in what-if scenarios

You can now manually add entities without start or end dates into a portfolio's what-if scenario.

For details, see Add contents to a scenario.

Compare scenarios

You can compare two or three scenarios to assess the impact of different investment plans and determine an optimal scenario.

For details, see Compare scenarios.

Save a scenario copy

You can save a copy of a scenario, including its contents, scheduling, and capacity planning, by either taking a snapshot or exporting the scenario.

For details, see Save and share a scenario.

View scenario content dependencies

You can now view and add content dependencies in a scenario. This helps you prioritize portfolio contents.

For details, see View dependencies and Add dependencies.

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Portfolio Management enhancement

You can now view dependencies of portfolio backlog items, which helps with portfolio content prioritization and scheduling.

For details, see View portfolio dependencies.

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Resource Management enhancements

The following enhancements are added to the Resource Management module.

Request resources only from the specified resource pool

When a staffing profile position has the resource pool specified, the position can only request resources from the specified resource pool.

For details, see Add positions.

Extended capabilities with resource pool/team edit permission

If you can edit a resource pool or team, you can now:

  • Add resources to the resource pool or team, even when you are not the resource pool or team manager.
  • Remove or transfer resources, even when you are not the direct manager of the resources.

To use this feature, enable the Enable Users with Edit Access to Manage Resources Within Resource Pools/Teams feature toggle.

For details, see Resource pool security.

Revamped View Organization Model page

The look and feel of the View Organization Model page is improved. It is now easier to browse the organization model.

For details, see Model organization units.

ksc_clear_staffingprofile_forecast_assignment updates resource assignment finish date

In addition to clearing the forecast and assignments of a completed staffing profile, the ksc_clear_staffingprofile_forecast_assignment special command now also updates the assignment finish date.

For details, see ksc_clear_staffingprofile_forecast_assignment.

Resource Load Breakdown table lists resources alphabetically by full name

Resources in the Resource Load Breakdown table are now listed alphabetically by full name instead of last name, making it easier to locate a specific resource.

For details, see View resource load.

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Time Management enhancements

The following enhancements are added to the Time Management module.

Prevent edits on resource default billing approver

As an administrator, you can now disable editing an individual resource's default billing approver by setting the new TM_LOCK_DEFAULT_BILLING_APPROVER parameter to true.

When it is set to true, you can only change the default billing approver globally for all resources by using the new Change Default Billing Approver report.

For details, see Configure time sheet policy and approvers and Change Default Billing Approver .

Filter time sheets by default time approver in Approve Time Sheets portlet

A new field, Default Time Approver, is added to the Approve Time Sheets portlet preferences page. You can use this field to filter time sheets by default time approvers.

For details, see Use the Approve Time Sheets portlet.

Sort time sheet lines by Time Sheet Item in Approve Time page

When searching for time to approve at the time sheet line level, you can now sort the search results by Time Sheet Item.

For details, see Use the Approve Time page.

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Administration enhancements

The following enhancements are added to the Administration module.

Change corporate logo

You can now change the corporate logo displayed in the PPM standard interface from the Administration Console.

For details, see Change corporate logo.

Add profile photo

You can now add an image to your profile.

For details, see Change Personally Identifiable Information.

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Platform enhancements

The following enhancements are added to the Platform module.

Migrate PPM entities from web UI

You can now migrate PPM entities from one instance to another from the web UI.

For details, see Migrate entities from web UI.

Separate requests by data spaces

You can now use the data separation feature to separate requests by data spaces.

For details, see Data separation (Beta).

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Demand Management enhancements

The following enhancements are added to the Demand Management module.

Set up request tabs

You can now configure which tabs are displayed in request details and decide the sequence of the tabs.

For details, see Set up request layout.

URL reference support extended

You can now add a URL up to 4,000 characters as a request reference.

For details, see Add references from the References tab.

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Integration updates

The following enhancements are added to PPM Integration solutions.

Import Azure DevOps epic to PPM task

You can now select to import a specific epic from an Azure DevOps project into a PPM project task.

For details, see Integrate PPM tasks with Azure DevOps projects.

PPM - ALM integration supports ALM versions 16 and 17

PPM and ALM integration now supports ALM versions 16 and 17.

For details, see Integration with Quality Center/Application Lifecycle Management.

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Project Management enhancements

The following enhancements are added to the Project Management module.

Field mapping between Oracle Primavera P6 files and PPM task user data

You can now map fields from Oracle Primavera P6 XER and XML files to user data fields in PPM tasks.

For details, see Use work plan files for scheduling integration.

Unsaved changes reminder for new task entry


The unsaved changes reminder pops up when you add a task in work plan Quick view. Previously, the reminder only works when you leave a page with changes unsaved.

For details, see Add a task.

Show end page button on Project Gantt and Project Timelines portlets

The Show Total Number of Records option, is now available in the preferences page of the Project Gantt and Project Timelines portlets. When you select this option, you can jump to the last page of the portlet records.

For details, see Edit portlet preferences.

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Deployment Management Extension for Oracle EBS

The Deployment Management Extension for Oracle E-Business Suite now includes five new object types that use Oracle's FNDLOAD utility to automate the migration of Concurrent program registration, GUI menu, QuickCode, Single QuickCode, and Value set.

For details, see PPM extensions and migrators.

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