Integrations with ALM Octane

The preconfigured ALM Octane agile connector supports the following.

Integrate a PPM project task with an ALM Octane project

This allows you as a project manager, program manager, portfolio manager, or project stakeholders, to have visibility into real-time status and progress of agile projects from within PPM projects.

For details, see Integrate PPM tasks with ALM Octane projects.

Import effort from ALM Octane into PPM time sheets

This allows users working on a hybrid project to import their effort that is submitted in ALM Octane to PPM time sheets. When PPM calculates the cost of the hybrid project, it takes into accounts the labor cost of tasks that are tracked in ALM Octane.

For details, see Import effort from ALM Octane to PPM time sheets.

Push portfolio epics from PPM to ALM Octane for execution

When you, as a portfolio manager, relate a portfolio epic with an project in ALM Octane, the epic is added and executed in ALM Octane until it is completed.

For details, see Implement epics in agile projects.

View agile projects data tracked in ALM Octane from within PPM Dashboard

PPM provides Agile Projects portlets such as Agile Projects - Features and Agile Projects - User Story List to collectively show agile projects data synched from ALM Octane.

For details, see Agile Projects Portlets for ALM Octane.

Integrate ALM Octane Entities with PPM requests

When a PPM request type is mapped with an entity type such as feature and user story and an agile project in ALM Octane, you can create or update an ALM Octane entity through managing its mapped request in PPM.

For details, see Integrate PPM requests with ALM Octane entities.