(Optional) Force a full ETL

Automated incremental ETL (extract, transform, and load) jobs run regularly to update the data from the PPM system to the Operational Reporting database schema. In case of instability or frequent errors during incremental ELT runs, you can force a full ETL to update the data.

To force a full ETL:

  1. Navigate to the <Op_Report_Home>/install/sample directory.

  2. Open the sample_full_etl_all.sh file (or sample_full_etl_all.bat) file in a text editor and then replace the parameter placeholders with valid values.

    The FORCE FULL ETL parameter must set to true. For descriptions for other parameters, see sample_setup_all.sh parameters and sample_load_data.sh parameters.

  3. Run the sample_full_etl_all.bat (or sample_full_etl_all.sh) script.

  4. When prompted, enter passwords for the Operational Reporting database schema and the PPM database server schema.