Startup checks

To help catch common configuration and deployment issues, PPM Center performs basic startup checks before starting. These checks include:

  • Making sure that essential server.conf parameters are present.

  • Making sure that none of the ports required by PPM Center are already bound by other processes.

  • Making sure that all ports used by the nodes on a given physical server have unique values.

  • Making sure that the filesystem version is the same as the database version.

Note: Because of these startup checks, you may encounter more configuration errors in 9.50 (and beyond) that prevent a PPM Server from starting (whereas a successful start was allowed on a previous version).

A summary of all issues found during the startup checks is traced out into the server log of the node being started. If PPM Center is running as a Windows service, an error is added to the Windows event log asking you to refer to the server log when errors are found. In some rare cases that the server logs could not provide useful details, we recommend that you start PPM Center in the console mode by using the script, and then troubleshoot the configuration and deployment issues. After you fix these issues, you can start PPM Center as a Windows service again.

Errors fall into two categories:

  • Critical errors (Error messages): These errors relate to the node being started. PPM Center will refuse to start if there are any critical errors.

  • Non-critical errors (Warning messages): These errors relate to other nodes in server.conf than the one being started. It is highly recommended to fix such errors, however they will not prevent the startup. All nodes in the server.conf file are checked when any one node is started.