Modify server configuration parameters

The server.conf file contains the values of all of the server parameters applied during the last server configuration utility run.

Note: We recommend that you not modify the server.conf file directly. Instead, modify parameter values from the Administration Console interface. The Administration Console provides a graphical interface that you can use to change the server configuration parameter values.

For information about how to use Administration Console to modify parameter values, see Modify parameters from the Administration Console.

To edit the server.conf file using the server configuration utility:

  1. Stop the PPM Server.

  2. Run the script.

    After you finish specifying configuration parameter values, the script automatically runs the script to regenerate the server.conf file and apply your changes. For information about the script, see

    If you make a change to the server.conf file that affects more than one node in a cluster, you must:

    • Stop all the nodes in the cluster.

    • Run the script on each machine.

    • Start all the nodes in the cluster, one at a time.

  3. Restart the PPM Server.

    To view a list of the server configuration parameter values on an active PPM Server, run the Server Configuration report. (See Run server reports from the Admin Tools window and Run server reports from the command line .)

For the descriptions of the configuration parameters in the server.conf file, see Server parameters.