Open a request

This section provide details on ways to open a request.

Open a request from the request search results

To open a request from the request search results:

  1. Log on to PPM.

  2. On the Search menu, select Requests.

  3. On the Search Requests page, perform a request search. For details, see Search requests.

  4. On the Request Search Results page, in the Req# column, click the corresponding number of the target request to open the details page.

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Open a request from a portlet

Demand Management request portlets include links to the request detail pages. To open the detail page associated with the request, in an Demand Management portlet, click a Request No link.

Note: The Request List portlet can also display links to detailed views of staffing profiles, financial benefits, and referenced documents for request types such as PFM - Asset, PFM - Proposal, PFM - Project, and Project Details. This drill-down functionality is security-based. If you do not have View, Edit, View All, and Edit All access grants for an entity, associated values are not displayed as links.

For information about Demand Management portlets, see Portlets on the Demand Manager page.

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Open a request from email notifications

Some workflow steps are configured to send email notifications upon activation. Most email notifications include a link to the request.

To open the associated request, click the link. If you are logged on to PPM, the referenced request opens. If you are not logged on to PPM, the PPM Logon page opens. After you log on, the referenced request opens.

If you receive an HTML notification with email approval configured, check the message to make sure that the available action buttons and links (such as the request number and recipient email addresses) are enabled. On Microsoft Office Outlook 2007, the HTML elements are disabled by default.

To enable disabled HTML elements, right-click the colored bar displayed at the top of the email message, and enable links.

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