Specify a service for a request

If your administrator has enabled the service field on the request creation page, and has created the necessary request type for service, you can associate your requests each with a single service when you create and submit the requests. For details about enabling service for requests, see Enable service for requests.

To specify a service for a request:

  1. On the Create New Request page of PPM, from the Request Type list, select the request type that has service enabled.

    For example, Email Account.

  2. Click Create.

    The Create New <Request Type> page opens. Note that the Service field is available.

  3. In the Service section, click the selector icon for the Service field.

    The popup window lists all services available.

  4. Select a service from the list that you want to associate with the new request.

  5. Complete other fields on the page as necessary.

  6. Click Submit.