Overview of Creating Portlets and Modules

Managers (or other lead personnel) can create, maintain, and share configured Dashboard pages and portlets to facilitate communication and coordination for their own projects. For example, your recruiting organization might share the list of current job openings.

Configuring the standard interface in this manner provides a mechanism for managers to share real-time information up and/or down the chain of command.

Note: The individuals who plan, set up, and maintain Micro Focus–based applications are generally called application administrators (or configurators) and their responsibilities may also include configuring PPM Dashboard pages.

Figure 1-2. Various types of PPM Dashboard pages provides a visual overview of the different types of Dashboard pages. Personalizing the pre-installed Dashboard page or creating new (user-specific) Dashboard pages are detailed in the Getting Started document. Part I of this document focuses on the application administrator–configured Dashboard pages; however, Creating and Maintaining PPM Dashboard Pages and Modules briefly describes how users can add preconfigured Dashboard pages.

Figure 1-2. Various types of PPM Dashboard pages

Figure 1-3. PPM Dashboard components details the major components that make up configured Dashboard pages and depicts their relationships.

Figure 1-3. PPM Dashboard components

  • Dashboard. The PPM Dashboard is one of the key applications provided with PPM.

    In addition to the pre-installed Front Page and optional user-personalized Dashboard pages, the PPM Dashboard can include one or more modules.

  • Module. A module is the container for one or more Dashboard pages.

    Modules are created much like a Dashboard page which is personalized by an individual user. Modules are created by application administrators.

  • Dashboard page. A Dashboard page is the container for one or more portlets.

    Dashboard pages within a module can be added, modified, and deleted. Similarly, on each Dashboard page, portlets can be added, modified, or deleted.

  • Portlet. Portlets are the key visualization component of the PPM Dashboard and display information relevant to your PPM data. Micro Focus provides numerous portlets and additional (personalized or configured) portlets can be created.

    In general, portlets rely on the following:

    • Portlet data sources. For some portlets, these are typically the SQL queries used to gather the information from the PPM database. Other data sources include Web pages and RSS feeds.

    • Portlet definitions. These define the look and feel of a portlet and can be customized. Portlet definitions can include such information as the type of portlet, data source, display options such as labels and columns to display, layout, user and group access to the portlet, and filter field definitions.