Standards-Based Portlet Support

PPM is a Java™-compliant portal, and provides support for Java-compliant portlets that are not included with PPM. Java portlets can be developed using the Java API, purchased from vendors (such as Sun Microsystems), or obtained with products (such as WebLogic Portal).

WSRP-compliant portlets are also supported by PPM. Web Services for Remote Portlets (WSRP) allows portals to publish portlets so that other portals can "consume" them. Use of WSRP portlets simplifies integration between systems and can reduce programming overhead as well as provide continuity for users of multiple systems.

Note: PPM provides support for JSR 168 and WSRP standards-compliant portlets. This support is based on the Apache Reference implementations of two specifications: Pluto and WSRP4J. However, the specifications may not be complete in all areas or may be open to interpretation. Micro Focus has made design decisions to cover these areas.

PPM is committed to provide support for customers implementing these types of portlets, including debugging and diagnosing problems related to the PPM Dashboard. PPM does not extend that support to cover the debugging of custom portlet code or configuration files.

To facilitate diagnosis, customers reporting problems to the Software Support Web site ( are required to provide a simple, reproducible case that demonstrates the error in the PPM Dashboard.