Searching For and Viewing Existing Portlet Data Sources

To search for a portlet data source:

  1. Log on to PPM.

  2. From the menu bar, select Open > Administration > Open Workbench.

    The PPM Workbench opens.

  3. From the shortcut bar, select Dashboard > Data Sources.

    The Data Source Workbench opens.

  4. On the Query tab, provide the search criteria.

    Tip: To display all portlet data sources, click List without providing any search criteria.

  5. Click List.

    The Results tab appears, displaying the results of the search.

  6. (Optional) To view a portlet data source, either:

    • Double-click a portlet data source.

    • Select a portlet data source and click Open.

      Tip: Use the Shift or Ctrl keys to select multiple portlet data sources.

      The Data Source : <Data Source Name> window opens.