Creating or Modifying Portlet Data Sources

To update an existing portlet data source, or to create an entirely new portlet data source:

  1. Log on to PPM.

  2. From the menu bar, select Open > Administration > Open Workbench.

    The PPM Workbench opens.

  3. From the shortcut bar, select Dashboard > Data Sources.

    The Data Source Workbench opens.

  4. Do one of the following:

    • Create an entirely new portlet data source:

      • On the Query tab, click New Data Source.

      • On the Results tab, click New.

    • Modify an existing portlet data source:

  5. Provide information for each of the following areas before proceeding to the next step.

    Note: The Portlet Definitions tab is used to identify which portlet definitions rely on this portlet data source. A new portlet data source will not have any portlet definitions associated with it.

    This tab is detailed in Viewing Portlet Definition Usage.

  6. (Optional) At any time, you can click Save to commit your changes. See the tip following Table 2-1. Portlet data source general information field descriptions for additional considerations and suggestions.

    You can also click Cancel to discard any changes. However, if you have provided a unique Data Source Name and clicked Save (at least once), the portlet data source has been created with the information provided as of the last Save.

  7. (Optional, although highly recommended) On the Data Source : <Data Source Name> window, click Verify to validate the SQL statement.

    Make any necessary corrections to the SQL by clicking Edit Query on the Data Source tab.

  8. Click OK to save your changes and close the window.

    The Data Source : <Data Source Name> window closes and the Data Source Workbench is updated.

    Tip: On the Results tab, click Data Source Name to have the portlet data sources appear in alphabetical sequence. Clicking Data Source Name a second time reverses the sort order.

    Note: If your PPM instance supports multiple languages, any data source you create is defined in the language you selected at logon (your session language). After the data source is created, it can be modified only in its definition language. For more information, see Multilingual User Interface Guide.