Searching for Existing Portlet Definitions

To search for an existing portlet definition.

  1. Log on to PPM.

  2. From the menu bar, select Open > Administration > Portlet Definitions > Configure Portlet Definitions.

    The Configure Portlet Definitions page appears.

  3. Provide the search criteria using the information from the following table.

    Field Name (*Required)


    Name starts with

    Specify a string. The search results display all portlets whose name starts with the specified string.

    Type any alphanumeric string (up to 255 characters in length).


    Select the type of portlet definition:

    • List

    • Pivot Table

    • Bar Chart

    • Clustered Bar Chart

    • Stacked Bar Chart

    • Pie Chart

    • Line Chart

    • XY Chart

    • Radar Chart

    • Bubble Chart

    • Java

    • WSRP


    Select one or more categories.

    Choices are limited to the categories available on your PPM instance.


    Indicated whether or not the portlet definition is enabled.

    Created By

    Select the user who created the module.

    Sort By

    Select the sort criteria.

    Choices include:

    • Name

    • Type

    • Category

    • Enabled


    Indicate the sorting sequence.

    *Results Displayed Per Page

    Specify the maximum number of search results to display on a page.

    Type any positive integer.

    Tip: Click Reset Form if you would like to clear your current search criteria.

  4. Click Search.

    The Configure Portlet Definitions page is updated to include the search results which are displayed in the Configure Portlet Definitions section.

  5. From the Configure Portlet Definitions page you can:

    • Select a portlet definition by clicking the link associated with the desired portlet definition (in the Configure Portlet Definitions section).

    • Refine your search by providing additional search criteria as detailed in Step 3.