Defining a Drill-down Page

Portlet drill-down is a powerful feature that allows you to access and view the details of the information displayed in a portlet.

When you create a portlet, you can specify one or more drill-to portlets (these are sometimes called drill-down pages). Clicking a portlet that contains a drill-to portlet results in the display of the corresponding portlet. A drill-to portlet typically offers a view of the data with more details or the information is filtered differently.

  • Prior to being added to a portlet, these drill-to portlets must already exist on your PPM instance.

  • Drill-to portlets must be builder portlets (created using the Portlet Definition wizard).

  • Only selected Micro Focus-supplied portlets can be used as drill-to portlets. These include: Issue List, Program Risk List, Program Scope Change List, and Program Contents List.