Adding a Pivot Table Measurement Data Column

To add a new measurement data column to a pivot table portlet:

  1. Click Add Measurement.

    The Add Measurement dialog box opens.

  2. Provide the column details using the information from the following table.

    Field Name (*Required)


    *Column Title

    Specify the column title to display in the portlet. Type any alphanumeric string (up to 200 characters in length).

    *Data Source Column

    Select a source column for the information to display in the pivot table.


    Select the symbol to display for the measurement. Choices include:

    • None. Do not display a symbol.

    • %. Display the percentage symbol.

    • Currency Symbol. Select the currency symbol to display.

    *Number Precision

    Specify the number of decimal places to display.

  3. Click Done.

    The Add Measurement dialog box closes and a new measurement data column is added to the Create Portlet Definition (Pivot Table) page.