Creating Modules

To create a module:

  1. Log on to PPM.

  2. From the menu bar, select Open > Administration > Modules > Create Module.

    The Create Module page appears.

    Tip: If you are already in the Personalize Dashboard page, you can highlight Modules and select New Module from the drop-down menu to create a new module.

  3. In the Module Name field, type the name of the module.

  4. (Optional, although highly recommended) In the Description field, type a brief description of the module.

  5. (Optional) Select the desired Enabled option.

  6. Click Create.

    The Personalize Dashboard page appears and includes the Configure: <Module_Name> display.

    Note: The contents of the page may differ depending on the module chosen.

  7. (Optional) In the Header section, update the data in the appropriate fields.

  8. (Optional, although highly recommended) In the Administrator Comments section, add comments as desired.

    Tip: Click Save before clicking View Comments to view the comments you just added.

  9. In the Configure Access section, specify to whom, and the type of, access of the module should be granted.

  10. Add Dashboard pages and portlets as desired.

    1. To add a page, either:

      • Select the New Page file from the folder containing the new module

      • Select the module from the Modules folder and select either Add > Add New Page or Add > Add user pages (following a right-click).

        The Personalize Dashboard page appears and includes the Edit page display.

    2. (Optional) Rename the page.

    3. (Optional) Set the page refresh rate.

    4. Click Add Portlets.

      The Add Portlets dialog box appears.



      • When the length of a word in a portlet name exceeds 30 characters (without a space), after you click Find Portlets in the Add Portlets window, the Portlet Name column in the resulting list is resized automatically, other columns are pushed to the right side, and no horizontal scrollbar is available. If the word is really long (say, 100 characters), the buttons in the right side of the window may disappear. In this case, maximize the Add Portlets window.

      • Make sure not to include any HTML related characters in the description of a request. When a request contains HTML related characters in its request description, the request is not displayed in the My Requests portlet.

    5. Search for portlets to add.

      • To list all the portlets, click Find Portlets. The Select Portlets to Add section is added to the Add Portlets dialog. The Select Portlets to Add section lists all the portlets.

      • To list specific portlets:

        1. In Category, select the portlet's category from the drop-down list.

        2. In Portlet Name, provide all or part of the portlet's name.

        3. Click Find Portlets.

          The Select Portlets to Add section is added to the Add Portlets dialog. The Select Portlets to Add section lists all of the portlets matching the search criteria.

    6. In the Select Portlets to Add section, select one or more portlets and click Add.

    7. (Optional) Click Preview to review the results.

  11. Repeat Step 10 until the module is configured as desired.

  12. Note: If your PPM instance supports multiple languages, any module you create is defined in the language you selected at logon (your session language). After the module is created, it can be modified only in its definition language. For more information, see Multilingual User Interface Guide.