Adding Dashboard Page Filters

After you enable the Dashboard page filters feature, the Filters section is added in the Edit page of Private Dashboard pages and Shared Dashboard pages. This section is where you add Dashboard page filters.

Adding Page Filters for a Private Dashboard Page

  1. From the PPM menu, select Dashboard > Personalize Dashboard.
  2. In the Private pages folder, select the page where you want to add page filters. The Edit page window opens.

  3. In the Filters section, click Add Filter. The Add Filter window opens.

  4. In the Filter field, select a filter, and click Add.


    • Filters available to be selected are derived from preferences of the portlets in the Private Dashboard page. Only some of the preferences can work as filters. For more information, see Limitations.
    • The Name field is automatically filled with the filter name. You can change the filter name.
    • The Description field indicates the source of the filter.

      In this example, the filter "project" is derived from the preference of the Staffing Profile List portlet.

  5. Repeat step 3 and step 4 to add the other filters.

    The filters you added are displayed in the Filters section of the Edit page. To delete a filter, click to the right of the filter. PPM automatically saves the changes when you add or delete filters.

    Clicking to the right of a filter, you open the Edit filter name window where you can change the filter name.

Adding Page Filters for a Shared Dashboard Page

Filters for shared Dashboard pages are controlled by administrators through configuring modules.

  1. Open the Configure Modules page. See Searching for Modules for instructions.
  2. Select the module where your desired shared Dashboard page is included.

    The Configure : <Module_Name> page opens.

  3. Click the shared Dashboard page in the left pane to open the Edit page window.
  4. Follow step 3 through step 5 in Adding Page Filters for a Private Dashboard Page to add filters for the shared Dashboard page.