Applying Dashboard Page Filters

To apply the filters on a Dashboard page:

  1. Go to the Dashboard page.

  2. Select a value for each filter.

    The Dashboard page reloads every time you change the value of a filter and returns the results in conformity with the filter.


    • The filters values can be empty.
    • A filter only applies to the portlet whose preference is the source of the filter. For example, if the filter "Status" is derived from the Staffing Profile List portlet preference, it only works for the Staffing Profile List portlet, even though another portlet in the Dashboard page also has a column named "Status".

    If you click in the upper-right corner of the page, you save the filters values into the database. The filter values are saved per user.

    If you click , you reset the filters values to the saved ones. If you do this before saving filters values, the filters values become empty.

If you export the Dashboard page to PDF after applying page filters, the portlets will show the same data in PDF as in the Dashboard page, though the filters will not be exported to PDF.