Introduction to the Standard Interface

Most Project and Portfolio Management Center (PPM) users work solely in the standard interface, although some may use the PPM Workbench as well. The standard interface opens in your Web browser, and from it, you can run reports, create requests, and search for packages, among other things.

A key feature of PPM is the PPM Dashboard, which provides you with a real-time view into your PPM–based activities.

Using the PPM Dashboard's portlets, you can view almost anything, from the status of requests assigned to you, to comparisons between current projects and staffing profiles. Figure 1-1. Personalized PPM Dashboard page shows a PPM Dashboard page that relies on two Micro Focus-supplied portlets: Request List and Analyze Current Portfolio.

Figure 1-1. Personalized PPM Dashboard page

When you first log on to PPM, you are presented with a PPM Dashboard page. The PPM Dashboard page displayed is determined by the system administrator (if your system administrator has configured a default landing page) or how you personalized your pages. Micro Focus provides a PPM Dashboard page named Front Page (Standard PPM Dashboard).

For more information about logging on to PPM, see the Getting Started guide.