Overview of the Autopass Licensing Solution

Since version 9.30, PPM implemented Autopass integration to replace PPM's original licensing mechanism with Micro Focus's Autopass licensing mechanism. The new Autopass licensing solution simplifies the license generation and validation process, supports more product license types, offers flexible license installation options, and simplifies product license management.

  • Licenses installed are stored in the PPM database, instead of the file system. This makes it possible for the installed licenses to become effective right away after installation. There is no need to stop and restart the PPM Server.
  • In a clustered environment, you can install an Autopass license on any node of the cluster. The installed license becomes effective for the entire cluster right away, no need to stop and restart the node. See Installing An Autopass License in a Clustered Environment.
  • After starting PPM Server, the system checks whether either of the following foundation licenses is enabled:

    • Foundation License Up To 25 Users
    • Foundation License Over 25 Users