Installing An Autopass License in a Clustered Environment

You can install an Autopass license file on any node of a cluster without having to copy the license file to each of the remaining nodes. The licenses you installed are stored in the database instead of the license.conf file, which means that licenses are centralized.

However, always make sure that the IP address assigned in the license file matches that of the primary node in the cluster, otherwise you will receive a “0 license key(s) installed successfully” message.

To install licenses in a clustered environment,

  1. Obtain and save the Autopass license key file somewhere on your computer.
  2. Install the license key file using the tool or the Administration Console on any of the nodes in the cluster.

    The license file is installed and becomes effective right away, with a message popping up showing how many licenses are installed.

Note: For instructions about installing licenses using the Administration Console, see Installing Autopass License Key File and Viewing License Summary in Administration Console