Request Detail Page, Strategy Section

The Strategy section is available in request details page when:

  • The request is added in a portfolio, and
  • The portfolio either has strategic themes defined or has business goals related to KPIs.

Select a strategic theme for the request

In the Strategic Theme field, select one for the request, so that the request inherits one of the strategic themes that are in use by the portfolio. This links the request with the portfolio in terms of business value.

Add impacts to a KPI

If you find a KPI is relevant to your request, you can enter impacts (forecast how much value your request produces) to the KPIs.

  1. Locate the KPI, and click Add Impact.
  2. Enter the impact value and the effective date of that value.

    For example, if you add an impact for the KPI "revenue growth", the impact value is 3%, and the effective date of Oct. 31, 2018, it implies that the request will probably produce a 3% increase in revenue by the effective date.

  3. Save the impact.

Ignore and un-ignore irrelevant KPIs

If you find a KPI not relevant to your request, you can ignore the KPI. To ignore a KPI, click the ignore icon in the KPI. The KPI is moved to the Ignored KPIs list.

If you later find the KPI relevant, un-ignore the KPI by clicking the un-ignore icon. The KPI is moved back to the relevant KPIs list.