Setting Your Currency Format

You can choose the format of the currency to display by modifying the regional settings in your profile. For example, if you select the Ukraine (Ukraine) formatting option, a currency value would display 1 234,56 USD. If you select the English (United States) formatting option, a currency value would display $1,234.56.

Note: Modifying the formatting option also affects how dates and times are displayed. See Getting Started for more information.

To select your preferred currency format:

  1. Log on to the PPM.

  2. From the menu bar, select Open > Administration > Edit My Profile.

  3. Click the Regional Settings tab.

  4. Select a formatting option.

    Note: When you select Spanish (Mexico) for the Format Options field, the sign "$" is displayed before the currency. The sign is for Mexican peso instead of US dollars. The sign for US dollars is "US$".

  5. Click Done.