Creating and Editing a Financial Data Table

You can add a financial data table to a new request or an existing request wherever the financial data table has been configured. If a request field that can have a financial data table does not have one, the text (No Financial Data) is displayed next to a Create button.

To create a financial data table:

  1. In the request, click Create next to the financial data field (any field name could have been assigned to the field).

    The Create Financial Data window opens.

  2. Complete the fields as described in the following table:

    Field (*Required)



    Name of the financial data table.


    Description of the financial data table.


    Region to be used for the financial data table.

    Track capital costs checkbox

    If selected, the financial data table distinguishes capital costs from operating costs.

  3. Click Create.

    Creation of the financial data table is pending the submission of the request. In the request, the text (No Financial Data) is replaced by the name you gave the financial data table, followed by (Pending Save).

    The Create button for the field changes to a Modify button, allowing you to change the fields you specified in Creating and Editing a Financial Data Table before you submit the request and create its financial data table.

  4. Click Submit to save the request.

    The request, including its financial data table, is created.

As your business requires, you can edit the Name and Description fields and the data in the Cost Details and the Benefit Details sections in the financial data table as you would a financial summary for a lifecycle entity. Except for the information related to the approved budget, which does not apply to financial data tables, see Editing a Lifecycle Entity Financial Summary .

Note: The format that must be used when entering amounts in dollars or other currencies is controlled by parameters in the server.conf configuration file, as described in Configuring Numeric Display.

From the Financial Data page, authorized users can edit that financial data table's forecast and actual costs, and forecast and actual benefits. Editing financial data tables is analogous to editing financial summaries. For more information, see:

Note: You might be able to view or edit only some sections of a financial data table, based on the configuration of your access grants and access rights for financial summaries. For more information, see Access Rights to View and Edit a Lifecycle Entity Financial Summary and Access Grants for Financial Summaries and Financial Data Tables.