Analyzing Program Costs

You can track cost data for programs. Enabling cost tracking can be done when first creating a program or modifying an existing program. See the Program Management User Guide for more detailed information on enabling cost tracking.

To analyze cost data for a program, do one of the following:

  • In the menu bar, select Open > Financial Management > Analyze Costs > Project Current Cost Metrics and use the Other Criteria option to filter on the program of interest.

  • Click the EV Analysis tab in the Program Overview page.

These analyses are identical to cost data analyses for projects. See Analyzing Project Costs for more information on cost visibility.

In addition, on the Program Overview page, the Program Costs section displays the program's planned and actual total expenses, broken down by labor and non-labor, and the Content section displays cost information, for proposals, projects, and assets contained in the program.

You can access the Program Overview page for a program by searching for a program or by drilling down from a portlet in Program Management.