Enabling SOP 98-1 Tracking

In order to track capitalized expense information for a project, SOP 98-1 tracking must be activated, first at the PPM system administration level, then for the project.

In PPM, capitalization is also available for proposals and assets, although for SOP 98-1 tracking purposes, it is primarily applicable to projects.

Enabling SOP 98-1 Tracking at the System Administration Level

After installing PPM, decide whether or not to enable SOP 98-1 tracking. SOP 98-1 tracking is enabled by setting the
COST_CAPITALIZATION_ENABLED parameter in the server.conf file to true.

Note: Usually, only PPM system administrators have access to the server.conf configuration file. Contact your system administrator with any questions about enabling SOP 98-1 tracking.

This parameter is set by the administrator at installation. Do not change this parameter after PPM has been put into use.

Enabling SOP 98-1 Tracking for Projects

SOP 98-1 tracking for a project is enabled in the Cost and Effort policy in the Project Settings page.

Note: Project settings are determined by project policies, which are inherited from the project type. Project policies can be locked in place, meaning you may not be able to edit particular groups of settings depending on what project type was used to create the project.

For the procedures to view and specify SOP 98-1 (capitalization) tracking, as well as other financial summary settings for a project, see Project Financial Summary Settings.

Note: You can track capitalization for a proposal as described in Proposal Financial Summary Settings.

You can track capitalization for an asset as described in Asset Financial Summary Settings.