Configuring Range of Fiscal Years

After generating fiscal years, an administrator can configure the range of fiscal years that is displayed throughout the financial summary :

  • Totals by Year section in financial summary
  • Edit Costs page
  • Edit Benefits page
  • Update Budget window
  • Allocate Budget window

To do so, the administrator specifies values from 0 to 20 in the server.conf parameters NUMBER_OF_PAST_YEARS_TO_SHOW_ON_FINANCIAL_SUMMARY and NUMBER_OF_FUTURE_YEARS_TO_SHOW_ON_FINANCIAL_SUMMARY. (The defaults display data from two years in the past to five years in the future.)

Note: The financial summary can include cost data that extends beyond the range of fiscal years that you are allowed to display. To view all the financial summary data, export the financial summary to a Microsoft Excel spreadsheet. See Exporting a Lifecycle Entity Financial Summary to Microsoft Excel.