Editing Task Details

As a project manager, you may edit project task details, such as schedule information, resources, and status, during project execution. All the task information can be edited in the Task Details page while some can be quickly edited in the work plan page.

Filtering Tasks in Work Plan

Each project work plan includes filters that allow you to filter the work plan for a certain set of tasks, enabling you to quickly focus on the data most relevant to your activity.

Editable Task Information in Work Plan

From the Work Plan page, certain fields can be edited and saved simultaneously for any set of tasks:

Field Description

Scheduled Duration

Scheduled Start

Scheduled Finish

Not editable in a summary or root task.

Two of the three fields are editable while the third field is automatically calculated (from the two editable fields).

  • In the Quick view, Scheduled Start and Scheduled Finish are editable.
  • In the other views, click Change in the work plan toolbar to select which two fields are editable.
Schedule Effort

Not editable in a summary or root task.

Only editable if it is set to "manually enter Scheduled Effort per task assignment" in the project's Cost and Effort policy. Otherwise, it is automatically calculated based on Scheduled Duration.

Resources Not editable in a root task. For a summary or leaf task, this field identifies the owner of the task.

Not editable in a summary or root task.

If a task has no role or assigned resources, when a resource is assigned to the task, the role defaults to the primary role of the assigned resource.


Not available in the Quick view.

If set at the summary task level, this field is inherited by all child tasks that do not have an activity set.

Predecessors Both internal and external tasks can be added or edited from this page. Requests are displayed but cannot be added, edited, or deleted from this page.
User data

Editable if the validation component type of the user data is a text field, drop-down list, auto-complete list, or date field.

Required user data is enforced when the Task Details page is opened or if the user data field is displayed in the work plan and a task is updated from the work plan.

If a default value is set for a user data field, the default value may not appear on the Work Plan page until a task is saved.

Editing Task Information from Task Details Page

Some task fields are not editable on the Work Plan page (such as status, actuals, unassigned effort, and percent complete). Instead, these task fields can only be edited from the Task Details page.

What to edit How to edit
Set task as milestone Setting a Task as Milestone
Set task constraints How to set scheduling constraints for a task
Add unassigned effort

From Task Details page > Resources tab.

  • When the project allows manually entering scheduled effort, both scheduled and actual information for unassigned effort are editable.
  • When the project automatically calculates scheduled effort,

    • and if the task has resources assigned, unassigned effort is not editable.
    • and if the task has no resources assigned, the scheduled effort for unassigned effort is not editable; % complete and actual information for unassigned effort are editable.
Add non-labor cost

From Task Details page > Cost tab.

Only allowed when Financial Summary for work plan is enabled.

Configure notifications Setting Up Task Notifications
Add notes

From Task Details page > Notes tab.

Notes added by the task resources, if any, are also visible from this tab.

The Notes tab can contain up to 32K of information per work plan.

Add references

From Task Details page > References tab.

References added by the task resources, if any, are also visible from this tab.

Note: You can still add references for closed projects.

Note: Click and on the Task Details page to navigate from task to task, as they are displayed on the Work Plan page.

  • Task-to-task navigation takes into account the expand/collapse state of the Work Plan page. If a summary task is collapsed on the Work Plan page, clicking will not navigate through the summary task's children.

  • Task-to-task navigation also takes into account any filters that have been applied to the Work Plan page. If a filter has been applied to the Work Plan page, clicking navigates to the next task in the filtered set.

    Summary tasks may be shown on the Work Plan page in grey italics to provide context to a filtered set.

Editing Multiple Tasks Simultaneously

From the work plan (other than the Quick view), you can perform some edits simultaneously for multiple tasks.

  1. Use Shift + click to select a set of contiguous rows, or use Ctrl + click to select multiple non-contiguous selections.
  2. In the work plan toolbar > Edit option, select what you want to edit.

    If there is an error during the save, the task that caused the error is highlighted in the work plan.

Avoiding Conflicts in Concurrent Work Plan Editing

A single project may have many project managers who are editing different parts of the work plan. Project Management allows you to edit and update separate parts of work plans simultaneously, allowing for more efficient representation of changes to a project.

In general, two users cannot make edits to the same task simultaneously.

  • If two users are editing a task simultaneously, the only changes saved will be the first set. The second user will not be able to save any changes. This includes instances where a resource logs actuals for a task.

    For example: Yukio is the manager for a project to which Bob is assigned.

    1. Yukio opens a task and begins to make changes.
    2. Bob updates the actuals for that task using the My Tasks portlet and clicks Save.
    3. Yukio is unable to save her changes to the task.
  • An error message results if a user attempts to schedule the work plan while the work plan is being scheduled by another user.

It is recommended that project managers avoid making changes to the work plan during times when many resources are entering actuals.