What's New in PPM 9.41

This section provides an overview of the features that were introduced or enhanced in PPM 9.41.

Program Management Updates

Top-down budgeting

Top-down budgeting is introduced to work in contrast to PPM's default bottom-up budgeting. In top-down budgeting, budget are approved in the program level and passed down to the program content.

You can choose the budgeting approach that is consistent with your business practices.

For details, see Choosing budgeting strategy.

Universal way to handle project risks, issues, and scope changes

PPM Program Management handles project risks and project scope changes in the same way as it handles project issues — the program page displays only project issues, project risks, and project scope changes that have set Escalation Level to Program.

Delete Programs access grant

To delete a program, you should be able to edit the program and also have the Delete Programs access grant.

Program progress

Program progress is calculated based on project process.

Program Progress = Sum of (Project Scheduled Effort * Percent Complete) / Sum of Project Schedule Effort

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Integration Updates

More Agile connectors

PPM provides out-of-box Agile connectors for four other Agile development tools: ALM Octane, Atlassian JIRA, CA Rally, and VersionOne. The data of these tools can be synchronized to PPM in both project level and time sheet level.

For details, see Integration with Agile Development Tools.

Agile Project portlets

You can use Agile Project portlets to see ALM Octane epics, user stories, features, and defects information in PPM.

For details, see Agile Projects Portlets for ALM Octane.

MPP-file mode integration

You can use Microsoft Project file (MPP file) for the MSP-PPM integration. This lets you upload and download MPP file in PPM to synchronize the tracking of project work between PPM and Microsoft Project.

For details, see Using MPP files for MSP-PPM Integration.

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User Management Console Updates

User Management Console supports adding user data for system users.

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Dashboard Updates

You can use Dashboard page filters to change portlet preferences for multiple portlets in a Dashboard page, without having to change portlet preferences one by one.

For details, see Using Dashboard Page Filters.

Server Cluster Updates

  • JGroups is replaced by Apache ActiveMQ for the cache synchronization between nodes in a server cluster environment. This replacement invalidates all the MULTICAST_* parameters in the server.conf file..

  • Multicast monitor is removed.

Resource Management Enhancements

  • You can have work plan tasks that have roles copied into staffing profile as positions. For details, see Synchronizing Positions from Work Plan Tasks.

  • Resource finder returns all resources in one go.

  • Resource Allocation Management page does not display unrequested positions.

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Time Management Enhancements

  • You can lock time sheets so as to freeze time sheets even when they are not approved. For details, see Locking Time Sheets.

  • You can approve time sheet lines in Approve Time page without opening the time sheet. For details, see Approving or Rejecting Time Using the Approve Time Page.

  • A note icon is present in the front of a time sheet line if it has notes saved. Hovering your mouse over the icon display content of the latest 3 notes.

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Administrative Enhancements

The Administration Console shows how many Web sessions and Workbench sessions are opened in each node.

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Cost Calculation Enhancements

PPM provides two formulas to calculate projected cost. You can use the parameter PROJECTED_COST_FORMULA_TYPE to choose the formula that aligns with your business needs. For details, see .

Platform Certifications

Operation System

  • Microsoft Windows 10 Enterprise Edition (both 32- and 64-bit)
  • Mac OS 10.12 Sierra

PPM Server Platform

  • Microsoft Windows Server, 2016, Standard and Enterprise Edition (64-bit)


  • Mozilla Firefox 45.7 ESR
  • Google Chrome 56
  • Safari 10.0 on Mac OS 10.12 Sierra

Tablet Computer

  • iPad 4 with iOS 10

Secure Communication Software

  • OpenSSH version 7.4 included in Cygwin for Windows Server

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