What's New in PPM 9.42

This section provides an overview of the features that were introduced or enhanced in PPM 9.42.

Portfolio Management Updates

Value-driven portfolio management

PPM 9.42 allows portfolio management users to do the following, making sure a portfolio is driven by the value (or strategy) it defines.

Who What to do
Portfolio Managers

  • Define strategy for your portfolio.

  • Embody the portfolio strategy in itemized and differentiated business goals.

  • Measure each business goal by a KPI.

KPI Managers (who add and modify KPIs)
  • Define and add KPIs.
  • Keep records of KPI actual values that are calculated from the portfolio's contents.

Managers of portfolio contents

For example, project managers, program managers, and proposal submitters

Keep track of the impact that would contribute to the KPIs related to the portfolio business goals.

For details, see Defining Portfolio Strategy and Managing KPIs.

Portfolio scenarios

A scenario is defined by the constraints (time range, budget supply, and resource supply). Create portfolio scenarios to foresee the consequences of investing on different sets of portfolio contents without actually funding them.

For details, see Planning a Portfolio by What-if Analysis.

Portfolio timeline

Portfolio Timeline tab presents the portfolio contents in the hierarchical view.

It allows:

  • Viewing the timeline and milestones of each content.
  • Viewing the health, progress, and projected cost of each content.

For details, see Monitoring and Analyzing a Portfolio.

Usability enhancements

  • A centralized location that collects all the links to the portfolio management related pages.
  • Group the previous Subportfolios, Programs, and Proposals/Projects/Assets tabs into one tab --- the Contents tab.

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Enterprise Agile

Extend agile practices from project management scale to portfolio management scale (the enterprise scale).

As a portfolio manager:

  • You can define epics in the portfolio level that are aligned with the portfolio strategy.
  • You can decentralize the epic execution in different agile projects.
  • You can monitor the epic progress information of each agile project that is synchronized to and collected in the portfolio.

For details, see Adding and Implementing Portfolio Epics.

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Logging Time on Programs

Add program work items to time sheets to track the time you worked on programs.

For details, see Time Management Policy and .

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Interactive REST API Help

Interactive REST API Help is the Swagger documents embedded in PPM that enables you to explore and interact with Swagger defined REST APIs.

For details, see Interactive REST API Help.

Starting Background Service on Demand

You can manually trigger a background service to run immediately, regardless of its pre-configured schedule.

For details, see Starting Background Service on Demand .

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Resource Management Enhancements

Configuring default or required columns for staffing profiles

New parameters are available to configure which columns in staffing profiles are displayed by default and which columns are required.


Removing invalid resource assignments systematically

When a system administrator changes the end date of a user account, the user's assignments that are later than the new end date will become invalid. The administrator can systematically remove these invalid assignments from related staffing profiles.

For details, see Removing Invalid Assignments When Editing End Date.

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Performance Troubleshooting Toolkit

When you encounter performance issues when using PPM, you can open the following URLs, without logging on to PPM, to generate performance related information.

  • http://<BASE_URL>/itg/html/toolkit/cpu.jsp
  • http://<BASE_URL>/itg/html/toolkit/dump.jsp
  • http://<BASE_URL>/itg/html/toolkit/mem.jsp
  • http://<BASE_URL>/itg/html/toolkit/transaction.jsp

For details, see Performance Troubleshooting Toolkit.

Help Center Enhancements

  • Online Help Center (https://admhelp.microfocus.com/ppm) is available from the menu Help > Online Help.

    We update the online help whenever there are document changes, making sure it is always up to date. If you have no access to external network, use Offline Help instead.

  • Context-sensitive help is implemented for several pages of Portfolio Management module.

    These pages are: portfolio management landing page, View Portfolio Hierarchy page, Analyze Current Portfolio page, KPI management page, and View Portfolio page.

    Example: You are at the portfolio management landing page (from Open > Portfolio Management), and you click Help > Online Help, you are redirected to the related help topic instead of the Help Center home page.

    Clicking the Online Help link on the other pages still goes to the Help Center home page.

    Context-sensitive help is not implemented for offline help.

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Platform Certification

PPM Server Operating System

  • Oracle Solaris 11 Update 3
  • SUSE Linux Enterprise Server 12

PPM Client Operating System

  • Mac OS 10.13 High Sierra

PPM Server Database

  • Oracle, Standard and Enterprise Edition (RAC and Non-RAC)


  • Mozilla Firefox 52 ESR
  • Google Chrome 60
  • Safari 10.1.2

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