Exporting Portlets to Excel

Starting from PPM 9.30, clicking Export to Excel on a portlet exports the portlet data to an xlsx file (Microsoft Excel file) instead of HTML file. This enhancement enables you to process data by using more Microsoft Excel features.

Note that if you use this enhanced Export to Excel functionality, the format of the data which is maintained in the HTML files may be lost in the Excel files.

For example, if you export a portlet with colors to Excel, the colors are not displayed in the Excel file. To fix this issue, you should add a new column as the image field when defining the portlet data source. The value of the image field should be in the following format:
<img src="http://<ppm_base_url>/itg/web/knta/drv/images/<corlor>.gif"/>

Then when you export the portlet to Excel, the image field will be filled with the color specified by the field value in the Excel file.

Starting from PPM 9.31.0001, the option Export to HTML Excel is added in the Edit Preference page. With this option available, you can decide the portlet is exported to an xlsx file (Microsoft Excel file) or an xls file (HTML file). If you select this option, the portlet is exported to an xls file. PPM behaves the same as it does in versions earlier than 9.30 when exporting portlets to Excel. If you do not select this option, the portlet is exported to an xlsx file.

Note: The Export to HTML Excel option is only available in the Edit Preference page of builder portlets.