Gathering Information for Software Support from the Administration Console

You can run the tool from the Administration Console to gather information about the PPM Server node you currently access with your web browser, and then send that information to Software Support to help diagnosing system problems. This helps to ensure that your issues can be resolved quickly, with minimal requests for information.

The kSupport tool is designed to serve as a troubleshooting knowledge system for PPM. Embedding into the tool the knowledge gathered from supporting PPM customers around the world, Micro Focus expects the tool to make PPM self-diagnosable and self-healable. The flexible interface of the tool makes it easy to absorb new knowledge as PPM develops and Micro Focus Software Support’s knowledge grows.

To collect support data for your PPM Server:

  1. In the Administration Console Actions panel, select Support Task > Generate Support Information.

  2. Click Generate.

Note: Normally a copy of the server.conf file is included in the generated kSupport zip file (in the <kSupport_zip_file>/ folder).

If your instance is in clustered environment and the server.conf file is located in the shared folder for the cluster, after generating the kSupport zip file, you can find a copy of the server.conf file in the <kSupport_zip_file>/ppmc folder.