Purge Stale Data Using the PPM Purge Tool

This section provides detailed instructions on how to use the PPM Purge Tool to purge stale database data.

To purge stale data,

  1. (Required if you use BusinessObject on PPM) Stop the capture process of Oracle Streams.

    For information about how to stop a capture process, refer to https://docs.oracle.com/cd/B28359_01/server.111/b28324/tdpii_adcont.htm.

  2. Stop the PPM Server. If in clustered configuration, stop all nodes in the cluster.
  3. Provide the DB account information you just configured in the DB User Name and DB Password fields.
  4. Check that PPM server or all nodes in the PPM cluster are stopped, and provide comments for the current purge operation in the Messages text box.
  5. (Required if you use BusinessObject on PPM) After the purging is done, perform a full ETL.

    For information about how to perform a full ETL, see the Operational Reporting Administrator’s Guide.