Operational Reporting Solution

The following table describes compatibility matrix between Operational Reporting solutions and PPM.

Operational Reporting Solution
for PPM Center
PPM Version
9.10 9.11 9.12-9.14 9.2x 9.3x 9.4x
9.10 (GA) ü          
9.12 Content Pack 1   ü ü      
Content Pack 1.1     ü      
Content Pack 1.2     ü      
Content Pack 1.3     ü ü    
Content Pack 2.0     ü ü ü  
Content Pack 3.0     ü ü ü  
Content Pack 4.0     ü ü ü ü

Note: Since Operational Reporting Content Pack 2.0, PPM is independent of SAP BusinessObjects Enterprise Server.

For detailed information of the solutions, see the release notes, administrator guide, and user guide for each content pack.