Benefit Details Section of a Lifecycle Entity Financial Summary

The Benefit Details section displays a table with the forecast and actual benefits of the entity, on a monthly, quarterly, or yearly basis. "Actuals" are actual benefits over the same time range.

Any benefit-related user data field that an administrator has optionally configured is displayed at the top of the Edit Benefits page of the financial summary, above the Benefit Details section. For information about these user data fields, see the Portfolio Management Configuration Guide.

Note: If all monetary amounts in the table are to be multiplied by 1000, the title of the section is Benefit Details (x $1,000).

Types of Benefits

The benefit details consist of benefit lines that, by default, are specified by the following fields:

  • Type (Savings,Revenue, or Avoidance)

  • Category, which can be the following:

    • Hardware, Labor, Maintenance, or Software, if Type is set to Savings

    • Product or Service, if Type is set to Revenue

    • Compliance or Legal, if Type is set to Avoidance

    Note: An administrator can add new values for the benefit Category by changing the following validations in the PPM Workbench:


    • Financial Benefits Line Category List

    • Financial Benefit Revenue Category List

    For more information, see the Commands, Tokens, and Validations Guide and Reference.

  • User data fields that an administrator has optionally configured for benefit lines, as described in the Portfolio Management Configuration Guide.

Depending on the types of benefits that have been added and the View options you have selected (see Features of the Tables in a Lifecycle Entity Financial Summary), the table in the Benefit Details section can have one or two subtables with the following highlighted headings for each benefit Type in use:

  • Revenue Total and/or Savings Total and/or Avoidance Total, if you display totals only

  • Revenue and/or Savings and/or Avoidance, if you display line details. Subordinate rows include the following:

    • Rows for each benefit line, displaying the selected Category

    • Rows for Revenue Total and/or Savings Total and/or Avoidance Total

The subtables are followed by the sum of their data in another subtable with the heading Month Total,Quarter Total,Year Total, or Overall, depending on whether you use the View options to view data by Months, Quarters, Years, or Totals respectively.

The Benefit Details section includes an Add Benefits button if no benefits have been specified so far, or an Edit Benefits button if any benefits have been specified. See Adding, Deleting, and Editing Benefit Lines.