Specifying a Snapshot as the Plan of Record

According to your business needs, you can specify any of the snapshots of a financial summary as its Plan of Record.

Note: When a proposal is approved and becomes a project, by default a snapshot of the financial summary is automatically taken and specified as the Plan of Record for that project.

Give careful thought to specifying a different Plan of Record. Before changing the Plan of Record, consider updating the Description for the current Plan of Record snapshot for historical tracking purposes (for example, to state that it is for the project created from the approved proposal if that is the case)

To change the Plan of Record snapshot:

  1. In the Summary section of the financial summary, click View Snapshots (see Figure 4-2. Top part of example financial summary for a lifecycle entity).

    A list of snapshots appears.

  2. In the Plan of Record column, select the snapshot you want to make the Plan of Record snapshot.

    If you select a snapshot other than the current Plan of Record snapshot, the Set as Plan of Record button becomes available.

  3. Click Set as Plan of Record.

  4. Click Done.

If a project is created directly (that is, if it was not a proposal first), the first snapshot taken of the project is the Plan of Record, but you can change the Plan of Record after other snapshots are taken.