Adding, Deleting, and Editing Cost Lines

If you have the Edit Actuals on Financial Summary or the Edit Actuals on All Financial Summaries access grant (see Access Grants for Financial Summaries and Financial Data Tables) and the Edit Costs access right (see Access Rights to View and Edit a Program Financial Summary), you can add lines to and delete lines from forecast and actual costs, and you can edit their categorizations and other data.

To edit or add lines for forecast and actual costs:

  1. If there are no cost lines in the Cost Details section of the financial summary, click Add Costs to add the first cost line, otherwise click Edit Costs. The Edit Costs page appears.

  2. To delete a particular line, click the Delete icon at the left of the line. Lines with any non-zero actuals for any year do not display the Delete icon and cannot be deleted.

  3. Click Save to save your changes and continue to display the Edit Costs page, or click Done to save your changes and return to the Financial Summary page.