Snapshots of a Program Financial Summary

You can take a snapshot of a financial summary at any time to preserve a copy of its forecast and actual costs and benefits and its approved budget.

Note: If a program uses top-down budgeting strategy, snapshots of the program financial summary do not include program allocations information. For more information about program budget, see Viewing and Updating Program Budget.

The appearance and functionality of the snapshot are the same as for the financial summary, except as follows:

  • The title of the snapshot page has the following format:

    Snapshot:<program name>: <snapshot name>

  • The snapshot does not capture the NPV and Total Nominal Return financial summary fields.

  • The snapshot does not capture notes.

  • You cannot edit any of the financial summary data in a snapshot, so there are no buttons for editing or saving the data.

  • An administrator can configure two parameters to control the range of fiscal years that is displayed throughout a financial summary, up to 20 years ago and up to 20 years in the future, relative to the current fiscal year. See Cost Details Section of a Lifecycle Entity Financial Summary. The same parameters apply to the range of fiscal years for which data is saved in snapshots, but the snapshot always displays data relative to the fiscal year in which the snapshot was taken rather than the current fiscal year if the years are different. In other words, from one fiscal year to another, the specific displayed years in a financial summary change, whereas the specific years displayed in a snapshot remain fixed.

You can edit the Name and Description fields of a snapshot. You cannot make the data in a financial summary revert to the content of any snapshot.

Financial summary snapshots have all the display options of financial summaries, as described in Features of the Tables in a Program Financial Summary.

If a financial summary includes data that extends beyond the displayable range of years configured by the administrator, so does its snapshot. You can export a snapshot to Microsoft Excel as you would export a financial summary (see Exporting a Program Financial Summary to Microsoft Excel).