Viewing Snapshots

To view a list of the snapshots that have been taken for a financial summary:

  1. Click the View Snapshots link.

    The list of financial summary snapshots for the program is displayed.

    The list of snapshots includes the columns described in the following table:



    Plan of Record

    Indicator for the Plan of Record snapshot, and option to change the Plan of Record. For more information, see Specifying a Snapshot as the Plan of Record.


    Name of the snapshot.


    Date the snapshot was taken.

    Created By

    User who took the snapshot.


    Description of the snapshot, specified when it was created. You might want to expand the descriptions if they are lengthy.

    For each snapshot in the list, there are right-arrows between the Plan of Record and the Name columns. You can click these right-arrows to edit the Name and Description of a snapshot.

  2. In the list of snapshots, click a snapshot name in the Name column to open the snapshot of interest.