Comparing Snapshots

You can compare the forecast data for cost lines among as many as five snapshots at once, or among as many as four snapshots and the current financial summary. The Plan of Record snapshot can be one of the snapshots you compare.

To compare snapshots:

  1. In the upper-right corner of the financial summary, click More > Compare Snapshots.

    The Compare snapshots page opens.

  2. (Optional) In the Comparison Dates field, specify values for one or both dates to establish the date range to use for the snapshot comparison.

  3. The list of snapshots in the Select Snapshots to Compare section provides data to help you identify which snapshots you want to compare.

    The Current/POR column identifies the following:

    • Plan of Record snapshot.

    • Current financial summary (regardless of whether a snapshot of it has been taken). If selected for comparison, both forecast and actual cost lines for the current financial summary are displayed.

    The Date column is the date the snapshot was taken or, in the case of the current financial summary, the date its parent was created.

    The Description column heading has a link labelled Expand All that you can use in case some of the descriptions are truncated.

    Select checkboxes to compare up to five snapshots, or up to four snapshots and the current financial summary.

  4. Click Submit.

    The snapshot comparison appears.

    Forecasts are compared, cost line by cost line, among the selected snapshots. If the current financial summary was chosen for comparison, its actual costs are displayed in addition to its forecast costs.