Configuring a Program Financial Summary for Capitalization and Roll-Ups

Financial summaries for the program have settings to track capitalized costs and to enable or disable automatic calculations ("roll-ups") of forecast and actual costs. For information about how the calculations are performed, see Cost Data Calculations and Formulas and the Resource Management User’s Guide.

Tracking Capitalized Costs in a Program Financial Summary

Capitalized cost tracking can be enabled or disabled independently for roll-up data and editable data, as follows.

  • Roll-up data. To enable tracking of capitalized costs for roll-up data, the administrator must set the COST_CAPITALIZATION_ENABLED parameter in the server.conf configuration file to true. By default, this parameter is set to false so tracking of capitalized costs for roll-up data is disabled. Do not change this parameter after PPM has been put into use.

  • Editable data. To enable tracking of capitalized costs for editable data, in the financial summary of the program, click Financial Summary Settings, select or deselect The Financial Summary tracks capital costs checkbox, and click Save. By default, the checkbox is selected so tracking of capitalized costs for editable data is enabled.

Configuring Automatic Calculations in Program Financial Summaries

The frequency of performing automatic calculations is based on the setting specified by the administrator for the Financial Summary Rollup Service. For more information, see Configuring Cost Calculation Intervals and the Installation and Administration Guide.