Adding Lines to an Organization Unit Approved Budget

Note: The format that must be used when entering amounts in dollars or other currencies is controlled by parameters in the server.conf configuration file, as described in Configuring Numeric Display.

If you have the Edit Approved Budget or the Edit Approved Budget on All Financial Summaries access grant and the Edit Approved Budget access right (see Access Rights to View and Edit an Organization Unit Financial Summary ), you can add lines to an approved budget for the organization unit, but you cannot edit existing lines.

To add lines to an approved budget:

  1. Open the organization unit financial summary as described in Viewing an Organization Unit Financial Summary .

  2. In the Approved Budget section heading, click Update Budget.

  3. Complete the fields as described in the following table:

    Field (*Required)



    Name of the approved budget line. The name can be the same as or different from existing lines. In either case, the line will become a new entry (row) in the approved budget.

    Expense Type

    Type of expense—Operating (the default) or Capital.

    *Fiscal Year

    Fiscal year to which you want to add a budget line (the current year, the previous year, or the next year).


    Amount to add to or subtract from the approved budget for the selected fiscal year. Enter a negative value to subtract the amount.


    Optional description of the new approved budget line.

  4. Click Done.

    The line is added to the approved budget. The value is updated for the Total Approved Budget for FY<fiscal year> field (or for the Total Approved Budget field if the Fiscal Year is set to View All). If capital costs are tracked, the values for the Approved Capital Budget and Approved Operating Budget fields are also updated.

  5. On the Financial Summary page, click Save to save the changes or click Done to save the changes and close the financial summary.