Benefit Details Section of a Financial Data Table

Any benefit-related user data field that an administrator has optionally configured is displayed at the top of the Edit Benefits page of the financial data table, above the Benefit Details section. For information about these user data fields, see the Portfolio Management Configuration Guide.

The Benefit Details section displays a table with the forecast and actual benefit data, on a monthly, quarterly, or yearly basis. "Actuals" are actual benefits over the same time range.

Note: The financial data table can include benefit data that extends beyond the range of fiscal years that you are allowed to display. To view all the data in the financial data table, export the financial data table to a Microsoft Excel spreadsheet. See Exporting a Financial Data Table to Microsoft Excel.

Financial data tables use the same fields and optional values (validations) for benefit lines as financial summaries use, including any modifications administrators may have made.

Viewing and editing the table in the Benefit Details section is analogous to viewing and editing the table in a financial summary. See Benefit Details Section of a Lifecycle Entity Financial Summary and Features of the Tables in a Lifecycle Entity Financial Summary.