Exporting a Financial Data Table to Microsoft Excel

Click the Export to Excel button in the upper-right corner of the financial data table to export the financial data table, except its notes, to a Microsoft Excel spreadsheet (see Figure 4-9. Example financial data table).

Note: If you are using Microsoft Internet Explorer version 7, verify that the Internet options are configured properly. See Getting Started for more information.

Regardless of the View options selected in the financial data table, the spreadsheet captures the following data, to the same extent you are allowed to view the data:

  • Forecast and actual data, presented by month.

  • Detail rows, aggregated by cost and benefit category.

  • Non-zero data over all the years in the database for the tables in the Cost Details section and the Benefits Details section. The data captured and displayed in the spreadsheet is not limited to the data that can be displayed in the financial summary based on the range of displayable years configured by the administrator. Exporting the financial summary to Microsoft Excel is a convenient way to view all the data for any number of years.

All financial data in the Microsoft Excel spreadsheet uses the currency selected in the financial data table.

The filename of the Microsoft Excel spreadsheet is ExportFSToExcel.xls.