Activity Inheritance Behavior

Tasks and summary tasks can inherit activities from their parent projects, making it unnecessary to manually set the activity for every task and summary task within a project. Activity inheritance adheres to the following series of rules:

  • When an activity is set on a project or summary task, the same activity cascades down to all its children. These children continue to inherit their parent's activity. If one of these children is moved to a different parent who has a different activity, the child acquires the new parent's activity.

  • When a child with an activity different than its parent's activity is found, the cascade of the parent activity stops and that child's activity is preserved, even if the child is later indented, outdented, or cut-and-pasted under a different parent.

  • Whenever a parent and its child have the same activity, if the parent's activity changes, the child's activity changes to the parent's new activity.

  • Manually setting a child's activity to an empty value makes it empty, but it will not stay empty if the child is moved to a parent with a specified activity.