Approving Requests

  1. Search the desired request.
  2. Tap the request to open the Request Detail page.
  3. Tap an available action button.

    The confirmation dialog box pops up asking for your confirmation.

    Note: If there are any empty required fields in the current step of the request:

    • An error message is displayed at the top of the Request Details page.
    • Empty required fields are highlighted in red, with an asterisk and an exclamation mark.
    • The corresponding action buttons are disabled.

    The request cannot be processed until the required fields are completed from the Web interface.

    Limitation: If the workflow action buttons have long text, the text cannot be fully displayed.

  1. Tap OK to continue. Otherwise, tap Cancel.

    If the action you performed is successfully processed, an Information dialog box pops up informing you of the success.

  2. Tap OK to complete the step.
  3. Tap in the top left corner of the screen to go back to the previous page, or the Request List page to view and approve another request.