Using BusinessObjects for Operational Reports

This section provides instructions on how to use BusinessObjects' web desktop tool InfoView to run reports that Micro Focus supplies with Operational Reporting and how to create ad hoc operational reports.

These Micro Focus-supplied reports include:

  • Project Status List report for Project Management data

    The Project Status List report includes the following linked reports:

    • Project Status Detail report

    • Project Issues report

    • Project Risks report

    • Project Scope Changes report

  • Demand Vs Capacity report, for Resource Management data

  • Time Sheet Compliance report, for Time Management data

  • Financial Summary report, for Financial Management data

You can use these Micro Focus-supplied reports to quickly run a report query that generates clear data that are easy to interpret, even if you have limited knowledge of BusinessObjects and InfoView. Each of these preconfigured reports is a Web Intelligence document that you can view and work with using BusinessObjects' Web desktop InfoView.

Each of the Micro Focus-supplied reports has an associated set of prompts that you can use as configured or modify to filter your data differently. These reports are designed for typical use-case scenarios and are described fully in later sections.