Forecasting Project Contributions to KPIs

If your project is included in a portfolio, and the portfolio has set business goals which are tracked by related KPIs, you can forecast the values your project may contribute to the KPIs during the project execution. These forecasted values are regarded as the KPI impacts.

Add impacts to a KPI

  1. Open the project overview page > Details tab.
  2. Go to the Strategy section.

    It lists all the KPIs that are related to the portfolio where your project belongs.

  3. Locate the KPI, and click Add Impact.
  4. Enter the impact value and the effective date of that value.

    Example: If you add an impact for the KPI "revenue growth", the impact value is 3%, and the effective date of Oct. 31, 2018, it implies that the project will probably produce a 3% increase in revenue by the effective date.

  5. Save the impact.

Ignore irrelevant KPIs

If you find a KPI not relevant to your project, you can ignore the KPI.

To ignore a KPI, click the ignore icon in the KPI. The KPI is moved to the Ignored KPIs list.

To add the KPI back to the relevant KPIs list, click the un-ignore icon in the KPI from the Ignored KIPs list.

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